Tuesday, 5 November 2019

How to Install SQL Server 2019 Developer Version

Microsoft has released SQL Server 2019 RTM version last night.  It comes with a lot of new features especially Data Virtualisation and SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters.

Let us install SQL Server 2019 to make use of new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 version. This article demonstrates how to install "SQL Server 2019" on-premises.

1. Download "SQL Server 2019 Developer" edition from the following Microsoft Site.
2. If you have Microsoft subscription, you can download from there

3. Download the version you would like to install, I am installing SQL Server Developer version from the following Microsoft Site.

4. Double click on the "SQL2019-SSEI-Dev" file, it would open below

5. Select the installation type based on the need (I have clicked on Basic for demo purpose). It would open below the window, read through the Microsoft SQL Server License Terms and Click on "Accept"

6. Change the "Install Location" If needed, click on "Install"

7. It would download the "install package" from the internet, wait for it to download completely and it would also install

8. Please wait for it to complete the install.

9. Click on "Connect Now". It would check the connection to the new SQL Instance.

Check the connection in SSMS

SQL Server 2019 is NOW ready in my environment to make use of new features of this version.

Installation Type (Custom): 
 Let's choose Installation type of "Custom" this time in step 5 above for detailed installation.

It would ask to provide download location. Please provide the location and click "Install"

Upon downloading, it would open following "SQL Server Installation Center" window. Click on "Installation" tab on the left pane. 

Click on "New SQL Server stand-alone installation ....."

It would check "Install Rules"

Click "Next" to move the "Product Key" tab.

Click "Next" to move the "License Terms" tab. Please read "Microsoft Software License Terms" before clicking the checkbox of "I accept"

Click "Next" to move the "Feature Selection" tab.

I have selected the "Database Engine Services" in the Instance Features sections as I like to install this component. Select the features based on your need. You can anytime come back and add the additional features to the instance using ""SQL Server Installation Center" " setup. You can see new features (highlighted) added as part of SQL 2019 installation

Click "Next" to move "Instance Configuration" tab. Please provide the named instance name in case if you have installed another SQL version in the default version. In my case, I have installed "SQL 2017"  instance in my default instance as highlighted here.

Click "Next" to move the "Server Configuration" tab.
Configure "Service Accounts" as needed. I have left them as default.

Configure "Collation". I have changed it to "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS"

Click "Next" to move the "Database Engine Configuration".

Configure "Server Configuration"

Configure "Data Directories"

Configure "TempDB"

Configure "MaxDOP" -- This is the new one added as part of SQL Server 2019 installation

Configure "Memory" -- This is the new one added as part of SQL Server 2019 installation. I have selected "Recommended" and clicked the checkbox to accept.

Click "Next" to move the "Feature Configuration Rules" tab. It would navigate to "Read to Install" tab.

Click "Install" and wait for it to complete the installation. You would see below upon successful install.


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